A special needs victory is worth celebrating, and guest blogger Rachel Cordeiro is here to celebrate her daughter's recent step toward independence.A special needs victory is  worth celebrating, and guest blogger Rachel Cordeiro is here to celebrate her daughter’s recent step toward independence.

Victories Are Sweet

Our church has canisters of individually packaged mints at the welcome center located in the lobby. Because of their melt-in- your- mouth consistency, these mints seem to be more of a sweet treat rather than a breath freshener.

All it took was one mint for Cami’s sweet tooth to discover their deliciousness! Soon, it became part of our Sunday morning routine for her to eat one in between Sunday School and Jr. Church.

Sweet Motivation

After a few weeks of this, it was apparent that these sweet mints were highly motivating for Cami—sometimes the sole reason she’d walk into Jr. Church without any resistance at all.  I wondered if her affinity for these mints could motivate her any further?

I decided to give it a try. “Cami, today you need to reach up into the container on the counter and get out your own mint, okay?” I said.

“And then I can eat one?” she asked without missing a beat.

“Yes—after you open it by yourself.”

We walked slowly toward the welcome center, the pile of mints towering high above the bowl which held them.

Sweet Surprise

To my surprise, Cami led the way right over to the counter. Confidently, she reached up to grab a mint from the bowl, proceeded to the garbage can, and fumbled with the wrapper.

She struggled to pull at the corners of the tiny package, growing agitated at the work it required for her fingers.  The entire process involved every ounce of her determination and strength.

Before I could jump in to her rescue, she was already sticking the puffy peppermint into her mouth.

Sweet Special Needs Victory

The longer she chewed the candy, the bigger her smile grew. My heart was filled with pride over the difficult task she’d just accomplished.  I smiled too.
Because watching her achieve victories tastes sweeter than any peppermint I’ve chewed.

After finishing her treat, she rested her hand in mine, allowing me to lead her down the hallway to Jr. Church.

Share Your Child’s Sweet  Special Needs Victory

Thanks, Rachel, for that sweet story. We are celebrating with you and Cami! Readers, if your child has recently achieved a sweet victory, leave a comment so we can celebrate with your family, too. When you have the time, check out Rachel’s blog, www.thisjourneyourlife.com.

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