Safe Harbor for Special Needs Parents

Safe harbor can be hard for parents raising kids with special needs to find. Stephanie Husted describes her search & gratitude for what she learned on the way.

Safe harbor can be a hard place to find for parents raising kids with special needs. In the poem below, guest blogger Stephanie Husted describes her search for safety and her gratitude for what she learned along the way.

In Need of Safe Harbor

I sat on a hill looking out at the endless blue waves on a recent trip to Lake Michigan. I wondered where the water met its end. “I cannot remember the last time I had quiet time to myself to simply think,” I told my friend while rubbing my hands over the silky white sand. I feel at peace here, watching the waves roll in with a steady assurance. Life has changed since my son Braeden was born with multiple health issues. Sometimes I am so tired that I wonder where I will continue to get strength for the battles that lie ahead. I can only hope that my source of comfort and hope is as endless as the water that helped to ease my fears and uncertainties that day. Either way…I am forever changed since he came into my life. I am also surprisingly grateful.

Safe Harbor

What happened to that woman,
Carefree and naive?
Who said good things will always come,
To those that just believe.
Her quiet…calm assurance,
Left no room for defeat,
With faith that was unwavering,
Endless and complete.
Providence had given her,
The strength to face a trial,
She faced each day with courage,
Taking time to stop and smile.

And then the storm clouds hovered,
The thunder rolled her way,
Adversity had found her,
The billowing clouds turned to grey.
A few brief words would bring the news,
No one should have to hear,
Something was wrong with her child,
Can there be a greater fear?

The lightning flashed,
The storm grew strong,
The walls began to shake,
“Oh Lord, she said, this storm’s too strong;
I believe my heart might break.”
The rain poured down on window sills,
Branches swayed like a sailor at sea,
The woman held her child close,
Saying, “Please do not take him from me.”
Some wondered if her faith was weak,
While some said, “keep believing.”
But people don’t always have answers,
And some words aren’t worth receiving.
And then she heard a whisper,
As the whipping winds seemed to demand,
The faith that she barely clutched onto,
This was NOT the life she had planned!
“My child I know of your heartache,
For this storm has been fierce and demanding,
You wonder if you have any strength left at all,
But do you not see…your still standing?
I didn’t expect your unwavering strength,
For I know that you don’t understand,
I just ask for an arm held high;
Please reach out for my hand!”
People will say many things,
(As people are so prone)
But any storm you face in life,
“You’ll never face alone”.

What happened to that woman?
Who stood against the storm?
While wind, and rain, raged harsh and long,
Against her fragile form,
What happened to that woman?
With little left to give?
God opened up her heart one day,
And taught her how to live.

~Stephanie Husted

What’s Your Safe Harbor?

Have you found your way to safe harbor? Are you still looking? Leave a comment about your search.

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2 Responses to “Safe Harbor for Special Needs Parents”

  1. I just wanted to let you know that I shared this page on the Mom2Mom Facebook site. It’s lovely. If you are interested, check us out. Mom2Mom is a peer helpline for mothers of children with special needs:

  2. Jolene says:


    Thanks for the feedback and for the link. Moms of kids with special needs in New Jersey, the link Patti shared is one for you to investigate.


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