Guest blogger and award-winning musician Steve Siler explains the roots of his song, "Whole in the Sight of God."

“Whole in the Sight of God” is one of many songs written by musician and today’s guest blogger, Steve Siler. In this post, he explains not only the how and why behind the song’s creation, but also his personal connection to those with disabilities and special needs.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

We all have those memories; those moments in our life where time stood still and everything crystallized. For me it was when the ultrasound technician said, “I hate to be the one to tell you this.”

That was the moment my wife and I discovered that the child she was carrying had something called Spina Bifida. In an instant we were transported into the world of special needs. Issues and concerns that had been virtually invisible to us up to then were suddenly in the forefront of every waking moment.

It’s kind of like when you get a new car. You’ve never realized how many (fill in your model here) there are on the road until you have one. Then suddenly it seems like they’re everywhere.

And those empty handicapped parking spaces in a crowded parking lot that used to be so annoying—well, they don’t seem quite as annoying anymore.

How do You Write a Song for someone with a Disability?

A few days after I learned that my son was going to be born with a chronic condition that would affect his entire life, I did what any songwriter would do.

I went into a writer’s room at Starsong, where I was a staff writer at the time, and processed what I was feeling by writing a song.

To call it a room is being generous. It was more like a converted closet. Monochromatic beige walls and exposed plumbing were the only visual highlights.

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By Steve Siler

Steve Siler is founder and director of Music for the Soul a multi-award-winning not-for-profit ministry using songs and stories to bring the healing and hope of Jesus to people in deep pain. Siler is a Dove Award winning songwriter, music producer, author, and speaker. He is co-host of the Music for the Soul Podcast: Where Music, Hope, and Healing Come Together! He and his wife Meredith have two children and three grandchildren.


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