Surrounding the vulnerable with love can be simple and profound, as memories of how my hometown embraced our family touched by disability show.Surrounding the vulnerable with love is simple and profound–

As simple as a neighbor walking down the street to visit a young father losing his fight with an incurable disease,
As profound as the memory, 50 years later, of that neighbor helping the man’s children with their 4-H projects.

As simple as the shoe store owner giving that young father new boots every year,
As profound as the impact his generosity had on the man’s children as they grew into adulthood.

As simple as picnics, hikes, and adventures with an aunt, uncle, and cousins on the weekends,
As profound as an example of the give and take between healthy married couples growing children need to see.

As simple as a disabled parent wheeling into the high school gym, the church sanctuary, and the fairgrounds,
As as profound as the offhand comment, “Your father was the one visible person with disabilities in our town during the 1960s.”

As simple as teachers who encourage a child who can’t run and jump as fast as her classmates.
As profound as teachers who spoke truth into that insecure girl’s heart by saying, “You can do this. You’re creative. You are brave.”

Surrounding the vulnerable with love is simple and profound,
Encased in the ordinary,
Disguised as small things,
Dismissed by the proud,
Cherished by the humble,
Treasured by the vulnerable,

Surrounding the vulnerable with love is simple and profound.
It is your work. It is my work. It is good work.
It is transformational, life-changing, and life-giving.
It is the holy, sacrificial, daily work of Christ to which we are called.

Surrounding the vulnerable with love is simple and profound.
Will you choose to do it?

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