Different Dream wraps up its series about PTSD in parents of kids with special needs with a look back at the ten questions tackled in the articles.

Thank you for stopping by for the final post in Different Dream’s series about stress, trauma, and PTSD in parents of kids with special needs. Rather tackling a new question, this post takes a look back at what was asked each week and provides links to all the posts.

Post One

Series Introduction

Post Two

Question: What’s the dividing line between trauma and PTSD
Answer: The Difference between Trauma and PTSD

Post Three

Question: Can the stress of raising a child with PTSD result in a parent with PTSD? What other kinds of parenting trauma can lead to PTSD?
Answer: Can the Stress of Raising a Child with PTSD Result in a Parent with PTSD?

Post Four

Question: Does the state of hypervigilance that special needs parents experience lead to PTSD or is it a symptom?
Answer: Hypervigilance as a Cause and Symptom of PTSD

Post Five

Question: What are some tools or coping mechanisms when I feel anxiety building? What should I do when I find myself remembering the traumatic events that led to my PTSD?
Answer: Coping Mechanisms for Anxiety and Traumatic Memories

Post Six

Question: What is an easy way to explain secondary PTSD to family and friends who think that it’s something that only people in the military suffer from?
Answer: How to Explain Secondary PTSD to Friends and Family

Post Seven

Question: How can I find balance in while raising a special needs child? It’s as if the special needs issues are screaming constantly but others are whispering at the same time. How can I deal with the whispers so I’m not just focused on the screaming special needs issues?
Answer: Finding Balance while Raising a Child with Special Needs

Part Eight

Question: How can I allow my child to move on without trauma, but remain aware of the physical issue is part of her DNA and continues to influence her life?
Answer:  PTSD, Stress, and Moving On as Special Needs Parents

Part Nine

Question: What advice can you give single parents who have PTSD and do everything themselves with little outside help?
Answer: Single Parents, Special Needs, and PTSD

Part Ten

Question: When is it time for parents to find respite for kids with special needs?
Answer: Respite for Kids with Special Needs

Thank you so much for your interest in this series! If you have comments or questions, please leave them in the box below.

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Different Dream wraps up its series about PTSD in parents of kids with special needs with a look back at the ten questions tackled in the articles.

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