4 Ways to Share the Gospel with Kids Who Have Special Needs

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Parents are charged by Christ to share the gospel with kids who have special needs. Here are 4 tips parents can use to share their faith.


The gospel is meant to be shared by parents with their children, even their children with special needs. Today, guest blogger Becky Hallberg—mom of kids with special needs and trained in special education—offers tips about how to share the gospel with kids who have special needs.

Everyone Can Learn

I have felt challenged lately to share the gospel with kids who have special needs. Opportunities have been coming across my path like never before. It’s such a blessing, but at the same time, such a sacred privilege. But even more than the challenge to share Christ’s love with others has been the burden to share that with our kids—not just the three kids belonging to my husband and me, but our kids—your family’s children, my family’s children—our families who deal with special needs.

I am a teacher by profession, and took courses to be certified in Special Education as well as Elementary Education. There are many who would discount a child’s ability to learn based on their special needs. And I will be the first to tell you that, yes, it can be challenging to explain simple concepts to someone who struggles to learn. But that’s just it—it’s challenging, not impossible. I am a firm believer that any child, regardless of special needs that are present, has the ability to have knowledge of Jesus. Why? Because God made us to know and love Him—all of us, regardless of anything that seems to hinder us.  With the schooling of our children and all that goes along with that, the therapies, the medical issues, and the many other issues we face with our kids, how can we easily sow God’s Word into their lives? How can we make sure we are intentional about sharing God’s love with our children?

4 Ways to Intentionally Share the Gospel with Kids Who Has Special Needs

  1. Music: So many kids learn well by music. The repetition of the tune and the words helps it to sink in. There are great CDs that teach kids. There are ones that are as simple as Sunday school songs (Jesus Loves Me, The B-I-B-L-E), and other CDs that are contemporary worship that kids love as well. Find what works for your family, but play music for them if they like music!
  2. Bible Verses: Teach your child a Bible verse, and no, I don’t mean something complex. Shorten it, paraphrase it, write it on a note card, make it easy for them to see, and repeat it for them (and with them!) often. {Side note:  I know that many families have children who are non-verbal. These suggestions are not meant to discourage you. I’m not suggesting we have our kids memorizing and reciting Scripture if they are not able to do so. What I’m suggesting below are ways that we, as parents and friends, can fill their hearts with Scripture and the knowledge of God’s love!}
  3. Pictures: So many kids learn well if they have an image to go along with what they are learning. Pictures can be worked into many parts of how we teach our children. My kids love the preschool and early elementary Bibles that are full of pictures to go along with each story. Maybe that kind of book would work well in your home. Or maybe you’re good at designing images. Even a simple picture of a heart with the word Jesus on it would help our kids to visually remember that Jesus loves them! This can be as easy and simple as you need it to be, or as intricate and detailed as you would like it to be! I’m not great at art, so I’m always thankful for resources with great pictures, or the opportunity to draw my own simple image.
  4. Time: Spending time with our kids can be the easiest way to plant God’s Word in their hearts. Often, when we’re driving to therapy, I will use that opportunity to play some worship music, or to work on a Bible verse with my son. It’s simply a matter of taking the opportunities that we naturally have, and making the most of them. My husband reads with the kids before bed each night. Some of the stories are more adventure-like, some are more biblical-based. It’s just one of those times when we’re already focused on the kids, and we’re doing just a little more to show the importance of God’s love.

How Are You Being Intentional?

How are you being intentional, and practically sowing God’s Word into your child’s life? The suggestions I’ve made are just a few of the many ways we can do this. And, really, if you’re sharing God’s Word and God’s love with someone, especially your child, there are so many right ways to do that. Let’s make sure we’re being intentional with our children and God’s love!

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  1. Becky

    That’s a great idea – simplify, to help meet their needs! Thank you!

  2. Jolene

    Hi Rachel,

    That’s a great idea to distill the 10 commandments into a couple, kid-friendly words. Glad you liked Becky’s post!


  3. Rachel

    I love these suggestions, and thanks for the encouragement to share Jesus with my kids! We have used a paraphrased “kids” version of the 10 commandments (ex- 1. Love God, 6. Don’t hurt others) and having them posted and talking about them has led to our sons remembering them. My autistic son actually stopped himself from hitting his brother and said, “Don’t hurt others.” My favorite line is “But that’s just it-it’s challenging, not impossible.”

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