Meltdown cards were created so parents of kids on the autism spectrum can hand onlookers an informational card when their kids have meltdowns in public.

Once in awhile, someone shares a tip so elegant and easy I wonder why it wasn’t invented sooner…like when my son was little.

Katie Wetherbee and Meltdown Cards

My friend Katie Wetherbee loves to talk about meltdown cards, which parents of kids with autism or Asperger’s can hand to onlookers. Katie’s review, which describes the cards more fully can be viewed at her website,

EA/TEF Information Cards

Since my son doesn’t have autism or Asperger’s, he didn’t have meltdowns in public. But from birth to age five his barky cough, caused by his TEF repair, garnered plenty of judgmental looks from onlookers who thought we had no business taking a sick kid out in public. And most restaurant meals resulted in at least one episode of gagging and vomiting. If only I’d had meltdown cards, I could have eased our embarrassment, educated our ignorant audiences and dispelled germ phobias in one fell swoop. Maybe someone in the EA/TEF community will design a card like that.

A Meltdown Card for Every Special Need

If your child has a different special need, maybe you can think of a way to adapt it to your circumstances, too. Leave a comment if you have an idea or if you already use something similar. What a great way to educate others about our kids!

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