PTSD Intensive Trauma Therapy

A few weeks ago Claire Shackelford interviewed me about A Different Dream for My Child. While we talked, I thought about the double whammy military wives with special needs children deal with every day. My only desire was to encourage the moms as they care for their kids.

But as Claire listened to our son’s story, she recognized a second link between my son’s story and the families of combat vets: post-traumatic stress disorder. Claire hopes that the interview, which you can hear at this link, will minister to struggling veterans, their spouses, and children.

Intensive Trauma Therapy, Inc.

If you suspect your special needs child or returning war vet has PTSD, I urge you to visit Intensive Trauma Therapy, Inc’s website and see what they have to offer. Read their literature. Check out their statistics. Call them and see if your loved one can take the diagnostic test and perhaps qualify for treatment.

Our son’s life was changed after a week of outpatient treatment. Maybe your vet’s life can be changed, too.

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