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An Annual Review Is Not a Boxing Match

This time of year, the special needs blogosphere is awash with posts for parents preparing for annual reviews for their kids with special needs. Some of the posts share excellent IEP and annual review resources.  But much of the advice sounds more like preparing for a boxing match with an archenemy than preparing for a school meeting with people who care about kids. But contrary to what much of... read more

When Kids Have Undiagnosed Special Needs

Do you feel like your child with special needs is falling between the cracks? Are educators or medical professionals struggling to diagnosis your child’s specific needs? Is that lack of diagnosis impacting the treatment your child is receiving or should receive? Then you’ll appreciate the advice in this post by Rita Eichenstein at www.positivelyatypical.com. Why Some Kids Go Undiagnosed... read more

Special Needs Advocacy at School: 8 Tips for Parents

Advocacy is an essential part of parenting kids with special needs. Now that the school year is underway, parents need to advocate at school in ways that benefit their kids’ educations. But how should parents do that? Brooke Borton, a blogger at Gheboygan News, posted an article with 8 simple ways parents can become informed and cooperative advocates at school. She gathered the tips during... read more

10 Things to Teach Kids about Special Needs

Disabilities and special needs are not easy for kids to understand. I’m speaking from experience as someone who grew up around disabilities. Even though my dad was in a wheelchair, even though I loved to curl up on his lap and hated it when other kids stared at him, I found others with disabilities and special needs disconcerting. I stared at them. And I avoided them because they made me feel... read more

Advocacy, Special Needs Style

Advocacy is part of the job description for parents of kids with special needs. But how do we advocate effectively for our kids when we’re busy caring for them? How do we spread the news about the needs of our families? Advocacy 101 Workshop Earlier this summer, I attended an Advocacy 101 workshop at the National Foster Parent Association National Conference. The workshop presenter, David Sharp,... read more
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