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Accessibility Summit 2013 Highlights

Accessibility Summit 2013 Highlights
Highlights of 2013 Accessibility Summit: time spent with parents, Key Ministry & 99 Balloons reps, as well as featured speakers Emily Colson & the Ferinnis.

Barb Dittrich, Laurie Hetherington, and Jolene Philo at the 2013 Accessibility Summit

My head’s still spinning and my feet are still hurting from standing a lot during the whirlwind weekend at the 2013 Accessibility Summit at McLean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia.

The Best Thing About the Accessibility Summit

The absolutely best part of the Summit is meeting online friends like Laurie Hetherington in person. Connecting

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Meet Jolene

Jolene Philo is a published author, speaker, wife, and mother of a son with special needs.



Special Needs Toys

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