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Visual Supports: Get the Pictures!

Visual supports can be a powerful tool to enhance learning, obedience, and communication in kids with special needs. But finding affordable and high quality visuals can be a challenge. The free ones are often unclear and hard to understand. The clear ones that make sense are often too expensive for the average parent’s budget. you know the drill, right? Visual Supports from Amy Fenton Lee Well, at... read more

Special Needs Ministry Dollars: 10 Ways to Spend Them

Does your special needs ministry have some funds to be spent before the year ends? My good friend, Amy Fenton Lee, from The Inclusive Church came up with a list of 10 thrifty ways to use them. 10 Ways to Spend Special Needs Ministry Dollars Here’s a quick run down of Amy’s top notch list: Orange Conference + Preconference Ticket = $348 (pricing through 12/6/12) Volunteer Training DVD:... read more

Surviving to Thriving DVD: Win a Free Copy!

Surviving to Thriving is a new, special needs ministry DVD created by the children’s ministry curriculum crew at Orange. If your special needs ministry wants to train volunteers, this DVD is a good starting place. Surviving to Thriving with Amy Fenton Lee Amy Fenton Lee, who hosts the popular and informative special needs blog,  www.theinclusivechurch.com, wrote and narrates the DVD. In it, she... read more

8 Great Special Needs Websites

Writing and speaking about special needs parenting is one of the best jobs on earth for many, many reasons. Getting to know parents of kids with special needs and hearing their stories tops the list. But other perks include connecting parents to professionals and resources, working from home, being my own boss, and surfing the web for the latest and greatest new special needs news. 8 Great Special Needs... read more

When the Pastor’s Daughter Has Special Needs

I am so thankful for friends like Amy Fenton Lee who blogs at www.theinclusivechurch.com. She often visits churches with special needs ministries and then posts what she learns (including pictures and paperwork and policies) so the rest of us don’t have to reinvent the special needs ministry wheel. But once in a while, she blogs about something different, like this guest post from Gillian Marchenko.... read more
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