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  1. Marcia Cristal Marcia Cristal
    April 12, 2017    

    I am a Resource Specialist for the National Down Syndrome Congress. I have a step-mom that is having trouble connecting to her step-daughter with special needs. The father appears to be ‘sheltering” his daughter(19 yrs old, DS) from step-mom. Dad/daughter have conversations without engaging the step-mom. Dad holds her hand when crossing the street, placing step-mom on the opposite side of him. When eating step-daughter sits the furthest seat from step-mom. Do you have any advice for step-mom to help DAD feel more comfortable including step-mom in the every day to day things?

  2. April 13, 2017    

    Hi Marcia,

    Wow, that’s a hard one. From what you’re describing, the best option might be counseling for the couple to start with. They need to learn to communicate about what’s going on, and get some coaching to help the dad break those patterns. Small steps would probably work best. I wish I had more ideas, but this isn’t an area I’m very familiar with.


  3. Sharon Sharon
    April 26, 2017    

    I have an adult child that has ptsd since she was 21 now 36 who has lost everything and now lives with my husband and I. It is very stressful on me beautiful use I’m one that has been by her side for all of it. Now I find detailed myself not even wanting to be around her. How do I get through this.

  4. April 26, 2017    

    Wow, Sharon, that is very hard. Please know that your feelings are normal in your abnormal circumstances. You might want to consider a support group or mental health counselor for yourself. To find a counselor, search for “how to find a mental health counselor” in this website’s search box. That should bring up a blog post with instructions to help you. Jolene

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