The puzzle of special needs parenting isn't easily solved. Steph Husted is here with the missing puzzle piece that brings her peace as she parents her son with medical special needs.
The puzzle of parenting a child with special needs is something we all grapple with. Guest blogger Stephanie Husted is here with a poem that explains where she found the missing piece of her puzzle and the peace it brings to her. Maybe what she wrote will help you find the piece and the peace you’ve been searching for, too.

The Puzzle

Today I felt a little sad
about the things we face;
Today I guess it slipped my mind
in all things there is grace.
The pieces of my life don’t seem
to fit the way they should.
My Guide to Life went missing.

(I know that can’t be good.)

And if I had a pickup truck,
then it would not be long
before I turned my life’s story
into a country song.
convictions seem diluted.
Life is a complex puzzle.
No instructions included.

I just collect the pieces
while knowing His plan is concealed,
and have the faith that someday
all things will be revealed.
When the storm clouds head our way,
and I am left spinning and guessing;
life’s ordinary moments
become my own encripted blessing.

Sometimes I lose momentum.
Sometimes I fall behind.
My attitude takes two steps back,
and I fear I’ll lose my mind.
I wonder, can I do this?
I wonder, am I strong?
I thought I was so capable,
But what if I was wrong?

The puzzle lays before me
all scattered where I sit.
I pray God gives me wisdom
to make the pieces fit.
What if life’s most precious gifts
don’t fit with sheer perfection?
What if we must prepare the way
for such an intersection?

I look at all the puzzle pieces
scattered in my hand,
and whisper ever silently,
Please help me understand.
The image comes together,
the picture grows more clear.
It’s only through adversity
that we can face our fear.

And when each piece has found it’s place,
I’ll sigh in sweet reflection.
Life’s purpose can be clearly seen
in silent imperfection.

So I will face this day with hope,
not give into defeat.
I’ll trust this puzzle called our life
will someday be complete.

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