Though I sometimes feel I've written more than enough about trauma in kids, these 5 reasons explain why I'm blogging on the topic this PTSD Awareness Month.

June is PTSD Awareness Month, and though I sometimes feel there’s nothing more for me to write on post traumatic stress disorder, here I am blogging about it again. Specifically about PTSD in children, also known as childhood developmental trauma. Here are 5 reasons this topic is worth writing about year after year.

Reason #1: Too Many Children Suffer from PTSD

Exact numbers are hard to pin down, but as this report from the National Center on PTSD, more children live with PTSD than we’d like to think, definitely in the tens and hundreds of thousands. But even if only one child was living with untreated PTSD, that’s one child too many.

Reason #2: PTSD in Children is Highly Preventable

All children experience trauma¬†at some point in life, but not all children develop post traumatic stress disorder. PTSD¬†happens when a child experiences a trauma and the emotions and physical sensations accompanying the traumatic event become trapped in. Research shows that after a traumatic event, PTSD usually doesn’t develop in children who, with the help of a calm and supportive adult, are able to process the trauma, leave it in the past, and move on.

Reason #3: PTSD in Children Is Highly Treatable

Even when children whose unprocessed trauma becomes PTSD, all is not lost. Children as young as three can receive effective trauma treatment.

To read the rest of 5 Reasons to Blog During PTSD Awareness Month, visit the Patheos website.

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