Wonderfully Made Family Camp 2017 was a huge success. Check out my top 10 list & add yours to the list if you attended the camp!Wonderfully Made Family Camp, 2017, is over, and my heart is full. So full, I don’t know how to convey the beauty God orchestrated the weekend of June 1-4. Hopefully, this top 10 list will give you a taste of the goodness experienced by the 38 families and 70 volunteers who gathered at Hidden Acres for 3 incredible days.

10. From the mouths of babes. When a little boy was asked what he did during afternoon family time, he replied in all seriousness, “I went horse ride backing.”

9.  Adult night out. A sit down, candlelight dinner with live jazz), during which the dad of a girl with special needs teared up and said, “My wife and I never get to go out together like this.”

8.  The hot air balloon. The wonder on peoples’ faces when they rode in the hot air balloon basket or watched its night glow each time the propane tank fired was priceless.

7. Ugis Pallo. He’s the Latvian pastor who inspired the camp. He was a special guest at camp this year and surprised everyone by doing the splits.

6. The power of a pick up truck. Emily Colson, who spoke to parents, was absolutely delighted to drive a great big pick up truck around camp.

5. Emily Colson and her powerful message. The author of Dancing with Max: A Mother and Son Who Broke Free speak to and connect with parents as she shared the joys and challenges experienced while raising her son.

4. Compassionate (and outraged) dads. After hearing how Emily and Max were once booed by a hostile audience until they left the movie theater two days after Christmas, several dads said they wished they had been in the audience to demand that mother and son be allowed to stay.

3. Selfless moms. 38 selfless women cared for their children 24/7. Every day, they sacrificed sleep, their health, and their professions as they pour their lives into their kids with special needs and into their typically-developing siblings. If you want to see Jesus shining through his people, get to know these moms.

2.  Kids with special needs and their volunteer buddies. In a few hours, complete strangers bonded with each other and the families they served. And the many volunteers who served as program leaders, dining hall cleaners, security team, hospitality desk, runners, gophers, spa workers, carnival barkers with selfless generosity and grace.

1. The Wonderfully Made Family Camp video for 2017.  This lovely video makes up for what words can’t convey. This video comes with a tissue warning!

Wonderfully Made Family Camp family members and volunteers, give your favorite camp happenings a shout out in the comment box, too.

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