Loved Beyond All Measure

Steph Husted's son with special needs is loved beyond all measure with a love she couldn't imagine while playing with the dolls she received each Christmas.

Loved beyond all measure. That’s how guest blogger Stephanie Husted felt about the dolls she received each Christmas. Much as she loved them, caring for those childhood dolls didn’t prepare her for the challenges of caring for her son with special needs. Neither did it prepare her for the fierce love she has for him.

Loved Beyond All Measure

So many Christmases ago
When I was little too,
I’d wait so ever patiently
My turn would come, I knew.
The presents were ripped open–
The best was saved for last.

A doll, my doll!  Yes, every year,
The same as each year past.
We’d go into our playroom,
(We dressed our babies there.)
And play a game that we called house.
What will my baby wear?

Baby Alive came one year.
I’d mix up that slimy green goo.
Baby Alive always opened her mouth
And happily swallow and chew.
No feeding tube to contend with.
No pump to beep, “All done.”
A spoon held to her willing mouth
Wow, feeding time was fun!

Baby Soft Sounds came the next year.
She cried when not held tight.
Luckily, I could still sleep
Since Mom turned her off each night.
No wires left me powerless
To hold my child near.
No doctors rounded daily.
I had nothing to fear.

Next came Baby All Better,
With thermometer, to play.
Just a little cool water
And her fever went away.
No countless calls to the hospital
No trips to the ER.
A splash of water–all was well!
No need to drive so far.

Rarely did our games include
Our babies getting sick
But if and when this did occur
A shot would do the trick.
Out came the Fisher Price medical kit.
It had all of the tools we needed
To take all the owies away.
Motherhood was easy.
It ended for the night
By tucking our sweet babies in,
Then kissing them goodnight.

Perhaps life just isn’t that easy
And childhood dreams go unfulfilled,
Locked away for a season,
Then refound in the eyes of my child.
No, this isn’t the life I imagined
While rocking my doll with a smile.

I never imagined that being a mom,
Could come with a heart-wrenching trial.
But, I am thankful for this child.
He truly is a treasure.
I am the mom of a special needs child
Who is loved beyond all measure.

~Stephanie Husted

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Steph Husted's son with special needs is loved beyond all measure with a love she couldn't imagine while playing with the dolls she received each Christmas.

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