After 13 years in the same place, guest blogger Maggie Gale and her husband are in the midst of an unexpected move. They are sorting through items stored in their loft (called an attic in the States) for 13 years. In the process, Maggie discovered some special needs hidden treasures to pass along to you.

Special Needs Hidden Treasures

July has found us up the loft, in shock over all the belongings we’d left there 13 years ago and subsequently forgotten! Now, through situations beyond our control, it’s time to sort through, condense, and discard, our not necessarily unwanted, but definitely unneeded possessions. Everything from homemade ceramic pots to childhood photos have all come up for scrutiny and added to the trash or treasure piles.

Hidden Treasures in the Loft

At first I was completely overwhelmed by the task. How could we possibly get rid of that book? I’ve had it since primary school! And these baby clothes! She was so cute in that! Practically speaking however, how could we keep it when we live overseas and the loft is no longer available to us? And hang on, if we haven’t used it for 13 years, looks like we don’t actually NEED it now.

But as I’ve realized that some things are treasures–just someone else’s treasure rather than mine–and then taken them to the charity shop, a feeling of liberty has begun to replace the overwhelmed one.

Hidden Treasures in our Faith

The truth is, we are not defined by our possessions. Yes, our possessions can say a lot about us and reflect our values, tastes and even experiences. But there’s a better and more eternal reference point for identity than the loft.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

The special needs parent has a multitude of good works to perform every day, which according to this verse, God has prepared beforehand. Most of those good works are just as hidden to the world as our belongings were for those 13 years in the loft. And as Christians, these good works we’re doing can be part of the process of His workmanship in us.

Hidden Treasures in God’s Hands

So as we sort through our things, I’m keeping in mind that I am who I am because that is what God says. He knows who He made me to be. And special needs parenting has been a modelling tool in the hands of the ultimate Potter!

What Are Your Special Needs Hidden Treasures?

Have you discovered some special needs hidden treasures on your parenting journey? You’re invited to share them in the comment box if you like.

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