Technology: Good for Kids with Special Needs and Parents

Technology is changing faster than we can keep up with it. New gadgets come on the market almost daily. Guest blogger Sarah Gray is here with an overview of tech products that can enhance the lives of kids with special needs and their families.

Technology: Good for Kids with Special Needs and Parents

Today’s parents live in an age of technological wonder and can use this to their advantage. It has become a little easier to monitor children’s health and wellness, ensuring that they sleep properly and stay on schedule. Technology has also changed the possibilities to entertain and stay active with children.

Video Infant Monitors

Whether you put your special needs child down for a nap or it’s time for bed, you can end up spending a majority of your evening physically checking in on your infant. Video monitors allow parents to watch over their children from the comfort of their own bed or couch while they sleep. Technology has also progressed to monitoring your child’s breathing and heart monitoring capabilities. If you’re worried about your child getting out of their crib or you just want to see them play, the video monitors are ideal for checking out their antics.


Nursing pillows, such as Toys R Us Comfort & Harmony Mombo nursing pillow are ideal to better position and support your child during feedings. These nursing pillows have come a long way from the typical pillow that you might remember. For example, the Toys R Us Comfort & Harmony Mombo nursing pillow comes with a vibrating option that also allows for you to soothe and comfort your baby.


Educational toys have expanded for today’s children. Tablets, smartphones, and notebooks are educational toys that can introduce your child to the world of technology. You’ll also find instructional centered games that help with cognitive development. Many of the tablets also have access to movies and streaming live shows.


Whether you select a book from the library or favorite book store, you can introduce reading as an integral part of a child’s life. However, technology has also changed how parents read, with the introduction of eReaders and eBooks. Downloading and searching for various stories can be simple and done with a click of the button. You can also view these various tales with bright and colorful illustrations.

Smartphone Apps

When it comes to scheduling and staying on task, it’s easy to miss important appointments and events. However, smartphone apps like Remember the Milk are optimal for the parent who needs to schedule every minute of their busy day. The phones also have various alarms and ring tones, so you don’t miss an engagement. The smartphone apps are also excellent for consulting and assessing whether a childhood ailment or injury is serious. While it’s not a substitute for someone in the medical field, you’ll find the apps to help alleviate fears and concerns.

Tracking Devices

GPS trackers can be synced to a cell phone via the internet and placed in a back pack. This grants a parent the opportunity to safely keep an eye on their child at all times. This is especially helpful when children become more independent and possibly engage in outside activities. 

High-tech gear has become an important part of parenting today.

Whether your special needs children are infants or teens, you’ll find many of the above tools to make parenting easier. Many of the technological gadgets today can also be used to educate, entertain, and aid in your child’s growth and development.

Your Favorite Tech Products?

Have you discovered apps, gadgets, and websites to make life better for your kids with special needs? Share them in the comment box. Thanks!

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