Parenting kids with special needs doesn't seem fair sometimes. Laurie Wallin offers three tips to combat complaining to God when life is not fair.

During my early years as the parent of a child with special needs, I never would have confessed my deep down feelings. Because, deep down I thought God wasn’t being fair to my child. Or to me.

God wasn’t fair to allow my baby to suffer when other babies his age were thriving.
He wasn’t fair to fill my first four years of parenting with sleep deprivation.
He wasn’t fair to allow us to live hours from the nearest hospital.

My list of complaints against life and God grew exponentially, and I didn’t know how to stop adding to it. I could have used the tips Laurie Wallin shared in a post at her blog, Here’s what Laurie would have told me to do when life is not fair:

Tip #1: Rest More

Why is rest essential? Because Jesus modeled the importance of rest in his time on earth. As Laurie says in her post, “Before AND after major moments in ministry, he and his closest friends withdrew away from the crowds for some rest and quiet.”

Tip #2: Breathe Prayer

Citing 1 Thessalonians 5:17, Laurie advises unceasing prayer when life seems unfair. Inhale unfair circumstances. Exhale prayers. An old friend of ours calls those quick yells for help arrow prayers: Very pointed, very focused, very fast.

Tip #3: Fight Back

Finally, Laurie encourages those struggling to accept the unfairness of life to fight back. And she suggests three strategies to fight back:

  • Memorize scripture.
  • Enlist friends to help.
  • Find other resources to help.


Laurie gives ideas about how to implement each strategy in her post Tips for When Life Throws You Curve Balls. Her post would have been a godsend when I was a new parent. May it be a godsend to you today!

How Do You Fight Life Is Not Fair Thinking?

Do you have tips to add to Laurie’s? Leave them in the comment box, and I promise to pass them on to Laurie…and other parents like you and me:)

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