The special needs underground is a growing movement to connect left over medical supplies with children who need them.

In a recent google alert, the words “special needs underground” caught my eye. What in the world is that? I wondered.

Praying for Parker

A click on the link took me to Praying for Parker, where my curiosity was satisfied. In her December 1, 2010 blog post, Parker’s mom Tammy defined the special needs underground (SNU) as a group ” of parents who are looking for medical supplies and parents who have medical supplies they no longer need.”

The Special Needs Underground Is Expanding

Tammy used it to to find affordable trach tubes for Parker when insurance refused. No doubt this kind of organization will become more necessary as governmental budget woes cause more cutbacks. That’s why Tammy is trying to start a SNU in Utah. To get the whole story, visit You can also follow Parker’s story at where Tammy is a regular contributor.

If you’re part of a special needs underground, please leave a comment about your experience. Or, share information about how parents can connect with SNGs around the country.

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