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Looking for Hope? Watch “The Butterfly Circus”

If hope is in short supply at your house, watch The Butterfly Circus. If you’re wondering why God is allowing your child and your family to struggle and live with pain, watch The Butterfly Circus. If your child with special needs is looking for a role model, watch The Butterfly Circus.

Starring Nick VujiciC & Eduardo Verastegui

This short film, part of the Doorpost Film Project, stars Nick Vujicic. An inspirational speaker, born without arms or legs, has turned down numerous film projects. But not this one. He accepted the lead part in this Depression era story. Once you watch it, you’ll understand. You’ll know why Eduardo Verastegui of Bella fame accepted a role, too, along with Doug Jones who you might have seen in Fantastic Four.

Watch & Discuss “The Butterfly Circus”

You can view the short film at www.thedoorpost.com. The film can also be used to stimulate discussion about differently-abled kids and adults. Here’s what Lynn Jackson of www.connectedfamilies.com says:

Nearly every film or show of substance has some Biblical idea (or not so Biblical idea) that can be thought about and discussed with children. Perhaps you’ve discovered this, or perhaps this is new to you. Either way, we found this film a great opportunity to discuss God’s grace, compassion for people, popularity, and a number of other themes the Bible speaks to.

Lynn Jackson’s Discussion Questions

In her most recent newsletter, Lynn provided discussion questions to use after viewing the film. Here are a few for younger children:

  • What did the Butterfly Circus master do that was kind to people?
  • How did each of them make people feel?
  • Do you know anybody that feels sad because people are unkind to them?
  • How could you be kind to that person?
  • Why was it called the Butterfly Circus?

And here are a few for older kids:

  • How do you think the two circus masters viewed life – what’s important, what does it mean to be successful? How did that affect how they treated people?
  • How did Will discover his strengths and the courage to use them?
  • What might Will say he was uniquely created to do?

You can find more parenting tips and sign up for Lynn’s newsletter at www.connectedfamilies.com.

What Did You Think of Butterfly Circus?

After you watch the film, come back and share your thoughts. Or if you discuss the film with your kids, share their insights.

Hoping to hear from you,

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2 Responses to “Looking for Hope? Watch “The Butterfly Circus””

  1. Randy Kizer says:

    I just found out that the Butterfly Circus website is now up and running. You can watch a new HD version of the short film, order DVDs, and get updates on the progress of the upcoming feature film.


  2. Jolene says:

    Hi Randy,

    Thanks for the update. You can also sign up for their email newsletter to get updates about new products and features.


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