Different Roads to Learning

Before the holidays, a post on this blog featured toy guides geared for families with special needs kids. In a similar vein, today’s post puts the spotlight on a company designed to help parents and educators meet the needs of autistic children.

Different Roads to Learning

According to their website Different Roads to Learning was founded in 1995 by the mother of an autistic child. The company “carries over 450 products carefully selected to support the Autism Community.” If your child has a diagnosis somewhere on the autism spectrum, this site will be of interest to you and the educators in your son or daughter’s life.

Julie Azuma

Julie Azuma, the mom who started the company is as interesting as her site. You can read more about her at Jennifer Choi’s  blog, canmombecalm.com. The contest mentioned in the post is history, but Julie’s story shows how much an ordinary parent can do. Maybe her story will inspire you to contribute to the special needs community in an unexpected way. Or maybe it will remind you of things you’ve already done.

Either way, leave a comment about how Julie motivated you.

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