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Are you a caregiver who needs a pep talk about taking care of yourself? Here's the version Kimberly Drew is telling herself as summer nears.

TakIng time for yourself is a hard sell. As summer approaches, guest blogger Kimberly Drew is selling the idea to herself because she has no other choice. Check out the pep talk she gives herself daily as she comes to grips with her own health needs and limitations.

I’m about at the end of my rope and am anxiously counting down the days until summer vacation. At the same time, I know that summer is a break in the routine that my girls thrive in. The demands on my energy and physical body are high over the summer. I’m also anticipating a surgery that will keep me from lifting for a minimum of 6 weeks. This will be hard for our family, but I know I have to take care of myself if I’m going to take care of my girls.

What I do now to care for me impacts their future. Putting “me first” is not in my nature. I was taught that to love others like Christ did means being a servant with a “me last” attitude. Yet here I am changing gears. Maybe you too need to care for yourself. Caregivers are often the last ones to take time for themselves, but our neglect of self-care shows up in one negative way or another. We have to make time to take care of ourselves regardless of all the things we need to do. I’m giving myself pep talks as in the days leading up to my surgery! Maybe you need encouragement, too, as you think about taking time for yourself.

Take to take time to care of yourself. It’s important to do so. Your family needs you emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally. You may be suffering because you pour yourself out day after day. But nothing is built into your lifestyle so you can be poured into. You need to take some time for yourself.

Take time to connect your soul to God. Prayers offered up in a rush or out of desperation are okay, but a quiet heart with a mind focused on the Lord is better. He fills in the gaps that nothing else can when you spend some time with Him each day. (Matthew 11:28) 

Take time to rest. Naps are okay when your body or mind are in need of healing. (Proverbs 3:24) 

Take time to nourish your body. Fast food on the way home from a long day of appointments isn’t nourishment! Caffeine to get by isn’t replenishment. Give your body what it needs to take care of itself. (Daniel 1:12-15)

Take time for your marriage. Marriages left alone are like an unpruned and uncared for plant…they don’t produce the beauty and life that they should. (Ephesians 5:21-32)

Take time to unplug. Choose a time each day to unplug the TV, the tablet, the phone, and computer. You’re already balancing so many things, why not get rid of things that steal your attention and waste your time. (Luke 10:38-42)

Take time to enjoy nature. Build time into your week to walk with a friend. The weather is turning around. You’ll be amazed at what 30 minutes of fresh air and sunshine outdoors can do for your mental health. When you walk with a friend it builds into your heart at the same time. It’s a win, win! (Psalm 19:1-6)

Taking time for yourself is essential if your desire is to take the best care of your child you possibly can. If doing so means printing out this post and taping it to your bathroom mirror, so be it!

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By Kimberly Drew

Kimberly grew up and went to college in the small town of Upland, IN. She graduated from Taylor University with a degree in Elementary Education in 2002. While at TU, she married her college sweetheart and so began their adventure! Ryan and Kimberly have four amazing kids on earth (Abigail, Jayden, Ellie, and Cooper), and a baby boy waiting for them in heaven. Their daughter Abigail (Abbey) has multiple disabilities including cerebral palsy, a seizure disorder, hearing loss, microcephaly, and oral dysphagia. She is the inspiration behind Kimberly’s  desire to write. In addition to being a stay at home mom, Kimberly has been serving alongside her husband in full time youth ministry for almost fourteen years. She enjoys working with the senior high girls, scrapbooking, reading, and music. You can visit Kimberly at her website, Promises and Perspective.


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