EA/TEF Awareness Month 2019 is here. Different Dream will feature guest bloggers, new and old, who know more about EA/TEF than they ever dreamed they would.

EA/TEF Awareness Month, 2019 is here! This January, Different Dream is once again featuring posts by bloggers who have a loved one with esophageal atresia with tracheoesophageal fistula (EA/TEF).

This blog devotes the month of January to raising awareness about EA/TEF because it’s the birth anomaly that ushered Jolene Philo, who created Different Dream, and her husband into special needs parenthood in 1982. The anomaly is a rare one, occurring once in every 3,000–5,000 births, so the majority of people have no idea it exists. But those who have been touched by EA/TEF tend to be passionate about educating others about this life-threatening, yet highly treatable condition.

This month, you’ll hear from returning blogger Kristin Horton about what she’s learned in the past year about parenting her child. You’ll also hear a new perspective from Jen Cheney about her experience as a new mom. Different Dream will also feature articles with links to remarkable posts from previous years. Finally, Jolene will contribute two posts–one filled with facts about EA/TEF and another about what she still worries about as an EA/TEF mom–even though her son is an independent adult with a family of his own.

You can spread the word about EA/TEF Awareness Month by sharing this link with EA/TEF families you know, with professionals, and on social media. Thank you for caring enough to join Different Dream in making EA/TEA Awareness Month, 2019 a success.

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