An encounter with an elderly mother and her son with disabilities reminds guest blogger Kimberly Drew that she is called to serve others the way Jesus did.

Guest blogger Kimberly Drew rediscovered the heart of what it means to be the parent of kids with special needs through a chance encounter at the store. It’s all about serving others the way Jesus did.

Yesterday I stopped at the store to pick up something quickly. On my way out I ended up holding the door for a couple who had to have been in their 80’s. It took them a little while to get out the door because they were assisting their son who was in his mid 50’s and disabled. His mom apologized when he stopped at the door to put both his hands on my cheeks and try to kiss me.

I told her I had a daughter who loves the same way he does, and that I didn’t mind at all. I watched her help him get in the van and buckle his seatbelt. She did it all with a smile.

I couldn’t help but think about our life… I had no idea that I would spend so many days and hours in silence. For a woman who loves nothing more than a deep and heartfelt conversation with a friend, the one-way chit-chat I make with my girls on a daily basis can be very difficult.

I didn’t expect to change diapers on my teenage daughter while she is menstruating.
I had no idea that teaching someone how to eat could take so long.
There is no manual for how to bond with your adopted daughter when all she does is cry from drug withdrawal for four months straight.

But when I graduated Taylor University, I was given a towel to remind me to serve others the way Jesus did.

I’m so humbled by the mom in her 80’s who was taking care of her disabled son with a smile.
I’m challenged to make sure that the towel on my dresser is a way of life and not just a piece of decor.

The towel itself implies that my hands have to get a little dirty. I’m not there yet and so I have to just pray…

Lord, Give Me a heart and hands ready to serve, and a soul that finds joy in doing so.

Kimberly graduated from Taylor University with a degree in Elementary Education in 2002. While at TU, she married her college sweetheart and so began their adventure! Ryan and Kimberly have three amazing kids on earth (Abigail, Jayden, and Cooper), and a baby boy waiting for them in heaven. Their daughter Abigail (Abbey) has multiple disabilities including cerebral palsy, a seizure disorder, hearing loss, microcephaly, and oral dysphagia. She is the inspiration behind Kimberly’s  desire to write. In addition to being a stay at home mom, Kimberly has been serving alongside her husband in full time youth ministry for almost fourteen years. She enjoys working with the senior high girls, scrapbooking, reading, and music. You can visit Kimberly at her website, Promises and Perspective.


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