The Home Again Podcast has launched despite several obstacles one of them even disability-related. Find out where to find what in today's post.

Home Again to Ground Control may sound overly dramatic. But for the intergenerational gang living at Different Dream headquarters, which have now expanded to include the Home Again Podcast HQ, the metaphor is apt. After all, as a previous Different Dream blog post mentioned, we thought out podcast about our experiment in intergenerational living would go live early in October. However, several events slowed down the release date. One event was even disability-related.

To be specific, I (Jolene) tripped getting out of the car on Sunday, October 1 and injured my right foot. A trip to the doctor the next morning confirmed the suspicion that I had broken a bone–the fifth metatarsal to be precise–and was immediately issued a boot, crutches, and strict orders to bear no weight on it for 3 weeks. After 24 wobbly hours on crutches, my husband rented a wheelchair to make getting around easier.

Mom and Jolene in wheelchairs

My brother snapped this picture when Mom and I sat in the handicapped section of the theater while watching my niece in a play. My brother found the twin wheelchairs much more humorous than did I. For the record, I’m the person on the left. Mom’s on the right.

My temporary foray into the world of disability slowed our efforts down for several reasons. First, getting things done around in a wheelchair takes extra time. Second, since I can’t drive, schedules have to be rearranged for appointments and grocery shopping. Third, the Home Again Podcast studio is in the basement, so recordings were on hold until I was able to scoot down the steps on my rear end.

The injury also proved the wisdom of the intentional and permanent lifestyle change we made in May of 2017. That’s when our daughter, son-in-law, and their baby moved in with us–so we could help them raise their children now, and they committed to caring for us as we age. Little did we know, their contribution would be needed so soon. Because they are here, the logistics of appointments and recovery are much easier.

Because we all live together and despite the broken foot and several other obstacles (editing software issues, the husband working unexpectedly long hours, the son-in-law finishing a demanding show run, the daughter getting a terrible cold, potty-training the grandson, and more) the Home Again Podcast went live the week of Oct. 16 with 3 episodes: Welcome to Home Again, Establishing Boundaries, and Early Conflicts. Since then, 2 more episodes have been released: Whiteboard Central and When It Rains, It Pours.

You’re invited to join the Home Again Podcast fun by going to the website, where you can listen to the podcasts and check out the show notes. You can subscribe to Home Again wherever you get your podcasts, and on social media:

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Because I love it so much, here’s another look at the Home Again logo…which will be completely accurate come February of 2018 when we welcome another baby into the family.

Home Again logo

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