God uses adoption to bless families with children. Today, Amy Stout explains how she & her husband identified with Joseph and Mary in their adoption story.

Adoption can be the means God uses to bless families with children. Yesterday, guest blogger Amy Stout shared her family’s adoption story, which was not an initially happy experience. Today, she’s back to explain how she and her husband identified with Joseph and Mary, who found no room at the inn.

An Adoption Story: No Room at the Inn, Pt. 2

We couldn’t understand why the hospital staff was so against us- why they didn’t want us. We had spent so much money just to make the trip and had come a great distance full of love–wanting to share it with our new born baby. Yet, they treated us like we were the enemy. Dan and I, while wounded emotionally, determined to be optimistic. We began to joke that our adoption was similar to the story of Jesus.

Our Adoption and the Christmas Story

Mary and Joseph had traveled a great distance so hopeful for their future as a family. When they arrived, they were told there was “no room in the Inn.” They lived for days without the comforts and necessities that typical people have and take for granted. And, in the end, no matter how much Jesus loved on people and met their needs, he was despised and rejected – especially by the leadership.

Our story was eerily similar and yet it was a huge comfort to us to be blessed–yes, I said blessed–to be able to experience a tiny bit of what Mary, Joseph and Jesus experienced. It gave us a whole different perspective and attitude toward those who were mistreating us without cause or reason.

As we sat in that waiting room with no family or friends nearby to wrap around us, we spent a lot of time talking and praying about what our heart’s desire was for our precious girl who had been gifted to us through adoption.

Adoption and God’s Perfect Will

We had no idea that in a few short months, we would learn that our daughter would experience special needs. But, even though it was unexpected, it all makes perfect sense as a part of HIS perfect will. He not only gifted us with precious Kylie but he gifted us with the unique skills, experiences and tools that we would need to meet her every need. God never makes mistakes when he creates families. We may feel inadequate most of the time, but He knows differently and guides our thoughts and actions.

I recently found this song, A Mother’s Prayer, by Rachel Aldous and it so closely mirrors the prayers and thoughts we dared to whisper heavenward for our baby girl during those few days of isolation and mistreatment. I hope you are touched by it too. (The first video is the story behind the song, and the second is the actual song.)



Your Story

Amazing, isn’t it, how God takes the most difficult experiences of our lives to draw us closer to him? Leave a comment about how  your special needs parenting journey strengthened your faith. And visit Amy’s website at www.histreasuredprincess.blogspot.com to find pictures of her family, recipes, and fun activities to do with children who have special needs.

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