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Happy Fourth of July

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Father’s Day, Puberty and Special Needs

The note guest blogger Kimberly Drew sent with this post said she had written about puberty and special needs. She is undeniably right, but reading her words, it became clear that the post is also a wonderful Father’s Day tribute to her husband as he defines his role in caring for their daughter as she goes through puberty. Father’s Day, Puberty and Special Needs We celebrated Abbey’s... read more

A Father’s Day Tribute to a Father’s Eyes

Father’s Day will be here soon. So Different Dream is taking a break from PTSD Awareness Month for a few days to focus on the roles fathers play in the lives of children with special needs. Guest blogger Kathy Guzzo begins the line up with this Father’s Day post about what she saw in the eyes of the fathers she observed at a special needs prom. Their Fathers’ Eyes Recently I had the... read more

To Grandma from your Grandchild with Special Needs

Much of Mother’s Day week at Different Dream is devoted to moms of kids with special needs and rightly show. But today’s post is devoted to the grandmas who embrace their grandchildren with special needs and offer invaluable support to mommies. To honor grandmas, whose grandchildren can’t say how they feel, grandma and guest blogger Kathy Guzzo wrote this letter to grandma from a child... read more

A Special Needs Mother’s Day Poem

Mother’s Day is a lovely holiday, but it can sometimes be bittersweet for moms raising kids with special needs. Guest blogger, Steph Husted, who understand bittersweet very well as mom to a son with heart issues. She’s back again this year with another special needs Mother’s Day poem just for you. And Then Came You I thought I had it figured out This thing called motherhood. With all of... read more
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