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4 Reasons Traumatized Kids Need Mentally Healthy Parents

Traumatized children need mentally healthy parents for several reasons. Here are 4 of those reasons backed up by... read more

6 Disability Lessons Learned from a Kitchen Knife

About six weeks ago, the knife I was using to remove the label from a container slipped and severed the tendon in my left thumb. After waking up from repair surgery to a left hand swathed and immobile in a ginormous splint, the surgeon outlined a list of restrictions. No lifting with the left read... read more

Dream Team Link Share #87

The Dream Team Link Share is ready for special needs posts about parenting, resources, faith, Thanksgiving, & more all day this... read more

The Only Normal People

The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well. ~ Alfred... read more

How Parents Can Advocate Effectively for Traumatized Children

Traumatized children need adults to advocate on their behalf. This post discusses three skills parents must cultivate to be effective advocates for... read more
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