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Shouting PTSD Awareness from the Mountaintop

In the small midwestern town where I grew up during the 1960s, the words cancer, pregnant, divorce, sex, and mental illness were always spoken in whispers, accompanied by dark looks,  furtive glances, and the covering of children’s ears. Yes, I am that old. So much has changed since those days–some for the good and some for the bad. But this post isn’t about what has changed. It’s about... read more

God Kissed this Tiny Child

Guest blogger, Stephanie Husted offers up a new poem for parents of kids with special needs in today’s post. When I asked her where she came up with the idea, she said this: The first source was a poem by Erma Bombeck, in which God is speaking to the angels about how he chooses mothers. The second was from stories my oldest son told me when he was about 3. He noticed a locket with a picture of my... read more

Dream Team Link Share #66

Summer’s humming along where I live, and hopefully where you are, too. We all know summer can be challenging for families of kids with special needs, as school supports aren’t available for 3 whole months. Your special needs links about surviving and thriving in summer,  vacation ideas and anything else about parenting, resources, events, education, faith, ministry, or information about a... read more

Special Needs Parents and Trauma: The Unseen Battle with PTSD

Welcome back to the Different Dream series about special needs parents and trauma. In today’s post, guest blogger Christina Nelson describes her invisible battle with PTSD and how she learned to win it. Special Needs Parents and Trauma: The Unseen Battle with PTSD When I think of PTSD I imagine a soldier who has lived through war. The hero, who’s mind is torchured with sounds and images too... read more

Childhood PTSD Resources

June is PTSD Awareness Month, so today Different Dream is raising awareness about childhood PTSD. Also known as childhood developmental trauma, this type of PTSD is not as well known adult PTSD. But it is every bit as real as the grown up version and its effects can be lifelong and debilitating if left untreated. Today’s post highlights resources about childhood PTSD you use to learn more about this... read more
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