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Teen Journal Challenge: Giving Back to Kids with Special Needs

Learn how you can help Madison Sanders meet the Teen Journal Challenge which will help her give back to the hospitals where she was a patient as a... read more

5 Special Needs Tips for a Happy Holiday

Happiness is not a given for families of kids with special needs. Sylvia Philips offers 5 special needs tips for a happy holiday that work at her... read more

Scotty Hamilton Gives Hope to Kids with Special Needs

Scotty Hamilton's more than the 1984 Olympic gold figure skater & 2014 Soche commentator. He's also familiar with childhood special needs and man of... read more

Top 10 Similarities Between Flight Delays and Special Needs Parenting

An unexpected flight cancellation left plenty of time to think up the similarities between travel delays and special needs parenting. Here's my top 10... read more

Great Bike Giveaway for Kids with Special Needs

Friendship Circle is hosting the Great Bike Giveaway for kids with special needs. Here's info about how to enter to win a bike suited to your child's... read more
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