Today's my husband's birthday, so it's the perfect time to celebrate his special needs parenting skills, which have blessed our family for many years.

My husband’s special needs parenting skills have been a gift to our children and me. So today, our family is celebrating the gift of him on his 62nd birthday. Here are 10 special needs parenting skills he’s perfected since our first child was born in 1982.

  1. Bodily fluids don’t bother him. From pee to poop, from projectile vomiting to fountains of blood, from oozing wounds to regurgitated bile–he took it all in stride from the day our son entered the world. Which was good because even perfectly normal poopy diapers made me gag, and I may have been the one doing the projectile vomiting on occasion.
  2. Calm is his middle name. Seriously, emergency situations do not rile him. At least not when they are happening. Time after time when the crisis ended and his calmness dissolved into worry, my long term planning skills kicked into action.
  3. He is patient beyond patient. With his kids. With his wife. With whiny kids. With an impatient wife. You get the picture.
  4. He compliments the cook. Even when the exhausted cook, who spent all night nursing a fussy baby, burns frozen pizza. Or slams a box of macaroni and cheese on the table and runs crying to the bedroom. Even then, he compliments the cook for planning supper so he didn’t have to.
  5. Sleepability is his forte. As in, he can sleep in the recliner. While jiggling a fussy baby in his lap. Night after night. For months on end.

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