The Home Again Podcast, Different Dream Living's latest project, just went live. Learn what it's about and where to find it in today's post.

The Home Again Podcast is a Different Dream Living’s newest endeavor. Like everything else featured on this website, Home Again grew out of real life experience. In this case, the real life experience began in May of 2016. That’s when Jolene’s daughter, son-in-law, and grandchild moved to Different Dream HQ, and our great adventure in multi-generational living began.

At this point, Jolene and her daughter Anne are guessing that you’re formulating some questions in your head. We’ll answer them right now and get them out of the way:

No, we aren’t crazy. At least, that’s our opinion.
Yes, the younger generation’s move was intentional and planned.
No, they aren’t freeloading.
Yes, my experiences with a disabled father played a big part in the decision.
No, the podcast isn’t special needs-related.
And yes, the arrangement is working quite well. At least, that’s our opinion.

Just so you know, we’re not mind readers. But whenever people hear of our grand adventure–at church, writers’ conferences, family reunions, around town–they ask the same questions. The more we explain the arrangement, the more questions arise.

Different Dream blog readers may have a few questions of their own, so Jolene will answer what she thinks you’re asking.

Yes, her experiences with a disabled father played a major role in the decision.
No, the podcast isn’t special needs-related.
Yes, you’ll still find the content interesting and relevant.

So Jolene and her daughter Anne decided to start the Home Again Podcast as a way to answer those questions in greater detail. They also want to encourage families contemplating intentional multi-generational living and those forced into the situation by unforeseen circumstances. They want to share what’s worked and what hasn’t worked as our two families mesh together. They’ll be talking about setting boundaries, resolving conflicts, communication, projects around the house, recipes, and more. Jolene and Anne would love to have you join us.

Hopefully, the Home Again website will be live shortly after this post goes live. At the site, you’ll find links to the podcasts, show notes, and occasional blog posts related to podcast topics. You’ll also find Home Again’s social media links which are easier to use than the quick run down below:

  • Instagram: homeagainpodcast
  • Twitter: @homeagainpodcst (no “a” in “cast”)
  • Facebook Group: Home Again Podcast
  • Pinterest: Home Again
  • Patreon: Home Again
  • Website: Home Again at (J-O-L-E-N-E P-H-I-L-O)
  • Email:

You can subscribe to the Home Again podcast wherever you download your favorites. If you like what you hear, consider leaving a review to make us easier to find. You can also leave a comment here if you’d like. Thanks for checking out Home Again!