Author Harriet Cabelly is at Different Dream for an interview about Living Well With Adversity, her book for caregivers and parents of loved ones with special needs.

Different Dream welcomes author Harriet Cabelly as today’s guest blogger. She’s here for an interview about her new book, Living Well Despite Adversity, for parents and caretakers of loved ones with special needs. And she’s sponsoring a book give away, so be sure to enter the drawing!

Question #1: Why did you write Living Well Despite Adversity?

The idea that we all go through bad things and yet some people come through and live on well while others seem to crumble, has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. Since no one gets through this life unscathed–loss and pain is part of the human condition–the key is how to live well despite….

When my middle daughter miraculously survived and fully recovered from her medical crisis, I looked for something positive to do with this miracle. This book is an outgrowth of both my life theme and what I consider to be my new lease on life. This has been part of my  personal post traumatic growth.

Question #2: There are some well-known people in this book. How did you get them to do an interview for you?

The simple answer – I asked! My new and evolved way of living has become going beyond my comfort zone, taking risks and not being afraid of being told no. I did stop at Oprah though; I didn’t ask her. Maybe for my next book of interviews!

Question #3: What are some key concepts you’d like your readers to take away?

The main concept is that it’s not about circumstance; it’s about our response to our situation. That’s what got me interested in this theme to begin with. I would see similar things happen to many people. I became fascinated and inspired with how it was that some could rise above and carry on and others would remain in the depths of despair? So then it’s not necessarily what happens to us; it’s how we respond. I first learned of this concept in Viktor Frankl’s book, Man’s Search for Meaning.

Another key idea is that of choice. We can choose how we respond and we can shape our attitude. It’s not just how and what we’re born with.

Which brings me to the last point: we can grow our resilience. It’s not a fixed amount in our inborn or genetic pool. We all have internal strengths which we can build on and bring forth more to our benefit.

Question #4: What are you hoping readers will get from this book?

I’m hoping they will get inspiration from those they read about; but more that that they will see that it is possible to cope and live on well through their personal challenges. I hope they take on some of the ideas and concepts and begin to incorporate and apply them in their lives. I want them to feel hopeful in their own difficulties – that there can be light once again with intentional actions and ways of living.

Question #5: Who will this book appeal to?

Since the theme of dealing and living with hardships and loss is universal. I think it can appeal to everyone. As I said initially, we all have rough and painful things to contend with in our lives, therefore the array of various circumstances and adversities that are highlighted here will hopefully resonate with many, many people. The ideas and tools are applicable to all. And life lessons abound!

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Harriet Cabelly is a social worker, speaker and workshop facilitator who has appeared on ABC News as a parenting coach and on WOR Radio’s Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life show as a guest coaching expert. As a positive psychology coach, Harriet journeys with her clients as they cope with and grow beyond their painful situations.

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