The Faith Inclusion Network conference will be held on March 10 in Virginia Beach. Here are 5 reasons to register and attend!

The Faith Inclusion Network Conference is coming soon. The conference, known as That All May Worship will be held on Friday, March 10, and I am counting the days for 5 very different reasons. My guess is that once you know what those reasons are, you’ll make plans to attend and start counting the days, too.

5 Reasons I’m Counting the Days Until the Faith Inclusion Network Conference

Reason #1: The People

That All May Worship is a gathering of some of the most amazing people I have ever met. Inclusion ministry leaders come from all over the country and from Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish faith backgrounds. They form friendships with one another and with those who attend the conference, united by one purpose and one passion.

Reason #2: The Purpose

One unifying purpose draws this diverse group together. All those in attendance want to make worship accessible for those with physical, developmental, behavioral, and mental disabilities. They want to equip faith communities to welcome members of the special needs and disability community. They also want to provide spiritual and practical support to families and caretakers of those with disabilities. Therefore, That All May Worship offers workshops for those with disabilities and their families as well as for faith community staff members and volunteers.

Reason #3: The Passion

The passion that drives Karen Jackson, the founder of The Faith Inclusion Network (FIN), and all the workshop leaders is profoundly personal. Each one has been touched with disability or by someone with a disability. They have experienced or observed the obstacles that make worship inaccessible to the disability community, and they want the status quo to change. That All May Worship provides an opportunity to share their passion with others and to effect change in faith communities around the country and in Norfolk.

Reason #4: The Place

March in landlocked Iowa, where I live, is more winter than spring. So in addition to the people, the purpose, and the passion at the conference, I am also looking forward to a day or two at Virginia Beach, Virginia…a warmer climate with an ocean view.

Reason #5: The Price

Thanks to Karen Jackson’s fundraising efforts and the contributions of generous sponsors, the cost for That All May Worship is only $25 for an all day workshop. And that includes lunch at hosting site, The Church of the Holy Family in Virginia Beach.

So there you have it. Five good reasons to attend the That All May Worship conference hosted by FIN. But if you’re still not convinced, go to the registration page and scroll down to see the schedule. Scroll down a little further to get to know the workshop speakers who be there on March 10. You can also visit the conference Facebook page, the FIN website, or the FIN Facebook page for more information.

If you’re still not convinced, please know how much I and the other workshop speakers want to meet you at That All May Worship. You are the reason we are going, and the conference won’t be the same without you!

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