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NICU Baby Gifts: 10 Ideas to Consider

NICU baby gifts can be an a great encouragement to parents of infants in neonatal intensive care. But choosing a good gift can be a challenge for friends who’ve never gone through a NICU experience. This post from the NEC Society, written by the parent of twin preemies, offers insight and guidance for those looking for the perfect gift for new parents.

10 Thoughtful NICU Baby Gifts

  1. Babywearing. Babywearing allows parents to keep babies close and helps them bond with one another.
  2. Capture the Moments. Take photos and videos for families. Or give non-toxic, washable ink pads to make baby hand and footprints.
  3. Children’s Books. Parents who can’t hold their babies can connect by reading children’s books to them. The post at the NEC Society provides links to three must have books for babies…and their parents.
  4. Healthy Food. Hospital food gets old very quickly. Healthy meals carried in by friends and family at arranged times are very welcome.
  5. Help at Home. Offer to do chores at the family’s home. But make your offer specific. For examples, visit the post at NEC.
  6. Mama Milk. Premature infants need breast milk. Donor milk is a great option for premature infants whose mothers cannot provide them with enough milk. But it can be expensive. A donation to the cause can quite literally be a lifesaver.
  7. Music Heals. Music is very calming for babies, but hearing the same music 24/7 can drive parents crazy. CDs or gift cards to Pandora or iTunes can provide variety.
  8. Personalized Baby Gifts. Handmade gifts, personalized keepsake boxes, monogrammed baby blankets or towels…you get the idea.
  9. Planned Visits. Too many people at once can be overwhelming for new parents. But planned visits one by one keep them connected to the outside world.
  10. Presence. Words. Silence. Thinking of the right thing to say can be difficult. Once again, the original post offers many thoughtful suggestions.


Learn More about NICU Baby Gifts

You’ll find many more links related to the ten NICU baby gifts suggestions above, click on over to the original post at 10 Incredible Gifts for NICU Families. And add your NICU baby gift suggestions to the list in the comment box below.

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