Are you frantically Christmas shopping for the kids and teens with special needs in your life. These gift ideas can help you finish the job.

Okay, everybody stand up. Now, sit down if you’re done Christmas shopping. Remain standing if you’re still looking for presents for you teens with special needs or are shopping with a limited budget. If you’re still on your feet, this post is for you! If you’re sitting down, scroll down to the end to leave your gift recommendations in the comment box.

Devotional Books for Teens with Special Needs

Last month my friend Katie Wetherbee, who blogs about special needs education and special needs ministry at Diving for Pearls, uploaded a piece about devotionals for teens with special needs. Katie brainstormed with her colleague Kelly Norville, and together they created this fantastic list:

  • Soul Surfer by Bethany Hamilton, written by a real life surfer when she wasn’t much beyond her teen years. There’s a movie, too, if your teen is into that.
  • 10 Minute Parables from Group Publishing. Katie says, “This series is designed specifically for teens, so those who have difficulty with comprehension, or who are functioning on a more concrete level.”
  • 10 Minute Moments: The Basics, also from Group. This book makes the foundational truths from the book of John attainable for kids who are concrete thinkers.
  • What’s In the Bible Series from Jelly Fish Labs. This series was created for kids, but Wetherbee says the quick pace of the humor and language appeals to older kids and adults.
  • The Thirteen Most Important Bible Lessons for Teenagers from Group. These lessons offer drama and hands on material, too.
  • Believe it Or Not Bible Studies by Group. This will appeal to kids fascinated with the interesting and obscure.
  • God, Our Father by Friendship Ministries is an long time, solid standard for those with special needs.


You’ll find Katie’s list at Solutions: Finding Devotional Materials for Teens with Special Needs.

$10 or Less Gifts for Kids with Special Needs

Sylvia Phillips, a Different Dream guest blogger, also published a list of helpful gift ideas at her site, Learning and Living with Our New Normal. Every gift is under ten dollars, extra appeal if you’re on a budget. Her list includes:

  • Magnetic Wooden Bug Catching Game ($9.95)
  • How Do You Feel Facial Expression Puzzle Game ($9.95)
  • Warp Top Speed ($7.99)
  • Whizzer ($4.99)
  • Magic Mike (3.95)
  • Cascade Timer ($7.95)
  • Tangle Junior ($3.49)
  • Chroma Magnetic Mosaics (On sale for $7.99. Usually $11.99)
  • Flashing Polar Bear ($4.99)
  • Tactile Atom Ball ($5.99)


Sylvia provides direct links to each item in her post Ten Great Gift Ideas Under $10.

 What Are Your Best Special Needs Gift Recommendations?

Okay, if that helped you finish your Christmas shopping, sit down and put your feet up. For the rest of you, it’s now your turn. What gifts do you recommend for kids with special needs? Leave your ideas in the comment box. Merry Christmas!

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