Special needs parenting is full of positives and negatives. Today guest blogger shares the top 10 reasons she loves being a special needs parent.

Special needs parenting has its positives and negatives. In her last post, guest blogger Ellen Stumbo talked about the challenges that are part of parenting a child with special needs. Today she’s back to share what she loves about being the parent of her daughter Nina who has cerebral palsy and Nicole who lives with Down syndrome.

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Special Needs Parent

I love being a special needs parent. Oh, it has been hard, and there have been challenges, but I love my children and I have learned invaluable lessons along the way. These truths have changed me, and I am thankful for the changes. So here are the top ten reasons I love being a special needs parent.

  1. Giving and receiving pure, strong, real unconditional love, with no strings attached.
  2. Knowing that who we are not doesn’t matter, it only matters that we are.
  3. Understanding that success in not found in outward performance, but in accomplishing even the small tasks.
  4. Learning, every day, what really matters in life, what it means to be human, what it means to be loved and accepted simply for being.
  5. Getting to witness the determination to reach new milestones, and the effort, strength and grit it requires.
  6. Courage is part of my life as I watch my children with special needs face their challenges head-on.
  7. The extra measure of joy I live with as my children teach me how to celebrate life.
  8. I have become a person with more compassion, acceptance, and humility.
  9. My view of brokenness has changed, and I am more aware of the emotional and spiritual brokenness we all experience.
  10. I have met some of the finest people because of my children. They have become my closest friends, my confidants. When people say, “Special needs parents are special people,” I agree, they are remarkable. Their children have made them remarkable.

What Would You Add to the List?

If you would like to add to Ellen’s list, leave your suggestions in the comment box below. And be sure to check out Ellen’s blog, These Broken Vases, for more stories about life with her three beautiful daughters and one very supportive husband.

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