Laurie Wallin helps readers gain a new perspective about healing from tragedies like the Boston Marathon bombing. Here are 4 truths to hold close.

Healing from tragedy is a process many parents of children with special needs have frequent opportunity to practice. Maybe that’s why Laurie Wallin, mom of four kids, two of whom have special needs, was able to offer hope and advice after the Boston Marathon bombing impacted our entire nation.

Remember Laurie Wallin?

Laurie used to be a regular guest blogger here at Different Dream, but in the last year a couple book contracts (Go, Laurie!) meant she had to make some hard choices. One of those choices was to stop blogging here so she had time to keep her own blog,, going.

Four Truths to Hold Close After Tragedy Strikes

Shortly after the tragic events at the Boston Marathon, Laurie wrote a post that helped readers cling to home and put the event in perspective. She said “the fresh anger, empathy, prayer, and encouragement swirling in us when we see–or live through–atrocities like Boston…it isn’t for nothing.” In fact, she goes on to say, those feelings are…

  1. A gift that helps us rediscover we are a family.
  2. A reminder to be vigilant in prayer and to find ways to be present and available.
  3. Part of the grieving process.
  4. An invitation to lean in to healing and be present where we are.


Laurie fleshes out each of those nuggets in her post, Healing from Tragedy: Four Truths to Hold Close. I hope you can find time to stop by her blog and read the whole thing. It can help you gain a new perspective about the hard things that happen in our lives.

What Have You Learned through Tragedy?

No doubt, you have experienced hard times and have learned life lessons you hold dear. If you would like to share them so we can learn from you, please leave a comment in the box below. Thank you so much, and thanks Laurie, for your wise words, too.

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