10 Steps to Take After an Autism Diagnosis

Autism Awareness Month end today. To go outl in style, features Michelle Zipp's article about 10 steps to take after an autism diagnosis.

Autism Awareness Month concludes today. To end April in style, is featuring one of the many informative articles to hit the blogosphere in the last few weeks.

Meet Michelle Zipp is all about ending isolation and providing resources for families of kids with special needs. Therefore, you can see how the first sentence of a post by Michelle Zipp, who blogs over at hooked me with her first sentence.

Autism doesn’t have to be a diagnosis your family has to deal with alone. In fact, the resources out there — both locally and globally — can be an enormous help to not only educate you on special needs, but it’s excellent for emotional support.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Ten Steps to Take After an Autism Diagnosis

Michelle goes on to list 10 steps parents should take after the diagnosis is made. Her list is a practical, proactive guide for parents unsure of where to begin.

  1. Start local.
  2. Qualify your doctor.
  3. Reach out for help.
  4. Look into special services.
  5. Use the internet.
  6. Take frequent breaks.
  7. Educate your family.
  8. Get involved.
  9. Get up to speed.
  10. Plan for the future.


To read the details Michelle included in the original post, click here. Do it even if your child has a diagnosis other than autism. These ten steps can be applied to any special needs diagnosis, so take a look.

What Steps Would You Add?

The list Michelle compiled is dandy, but perhaps you’ve come up with other helpful steps. If so, please leave a comment about steps to take after receiving any type of special needs diagnosis. Some parent still reeling with the impact of diagnosis will be very grateful.

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One Response to “10 Steps to Take After an Autism Diagnosis”

  1. I think I’d make #9 in a large font size since that takes a while! And it’s an ongoing process forever as new meds and treatments happen. I’d say join twitter too, there are a lot of great aspergers and autism resources there. Mark Hutton has a good newsletter/RSS feed for families of tweens with aspergers. And…. I’m sending this to my friend who’s got a newly diagnosed son! :)

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