If you're riding a Valentine's Day sugar high, this post is a short and sweet peek at this sweetheart of a Key Ministry resource.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone in special needs land!

Riding the Sugar High

Between snitching the candy your kids brought home from school parties and/or celebrating the holiday with your sweetie, maybe you’re riding a sugar high. With that in mind, this post is a short and sweet peek at a sweetheart of a  Key Ministry resource.

I’m In Love with Key Ministry

If you’re a regular DifferentDream.com reader, you know I’m in love with Key Ministry. If you’re a first time reader, you may want to check them out. They provide free (yes, free) resources for churches and advocates who want to start special needs ministries in their communities. Dr. Steve Grcevich, the founder of Key Ministry, and Katie Wetherbee, KM’s educational consultant have blogs jam-packed with resources, features, and sound advice.

A Valentine’s Day Treats

Last month they created two more sweetheart pages at Steve’s blog. The first is a compilation of all the links to their most popular series of 2011, Thinking Orange…Family Ministry Strategies When Families Have Special Needs. The second is a compilation of links to their most popular series of all time, ADHD and Spiritual Development.

Savor These Sweet Treats

Once you’ve had time to savor these sweet offering, maybe you’ll want to return to DifferentDream.com and leave comment about your favorite link. And considering the day,  a comment about your favorite Valentine’s candy is acceptable, too. (Mine are Russel Stover coconut-filled chocolates, in case you still need to purchase my gift.)

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