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A Different Perspective: From Patient to Parent

A variety of special needs perspectives are welcome at DifferentDream.com. That’s one reason guest bloggers are encouraged to share their stories. (Excuse the bunny trail, but more blogging dads of kids with special needs would add a perspective presently in short supply.)

Okay, back to our regularly scheduled blogging topic.
What was the topic?
Ah, yes. Different perspectives.

Different perspectives make me think outside the box, which is what happened when I ran across a story on Huffington Post.

Enter Carla Lohr

The story was by Carla Lohr. She has the rare distinction of having grown up with a special need, Spina Bifida myelomeningocele, and having a son with Spina Bifida Occulta. (Rather than go down the bunny trail of explaining those birth anomalies, I’ll wait patiently until you’re done clicking on the links and come back vor the rest of this story.) That’s a pretty unusual perspective, don’t you think?

Sitting on Both Sides of the Fence

Interestingly, making the jump from patient to parent wasn’t as easy as Carla thought it would be. Here’s what she says,” I know that what I feel as a parent and what I know from growing up don’t always fit together. I have often found myself in a tug of war between my head and my heart.” That totally makes sense to me? How about you?

Read the Entire Article at Huffington Post

In the article, Carla is transparent about her misgivings when her son, now 13, went on a mountain hunting trip with his dad. If I tell you anything more, the impact of the article will be spoiled. So here’s the link to From Patient to Parent where you can read about how who won the tug of war between Carla’s head and heart.

What Do You Think?

When you’re done reading, come back and leave a comment about what you read. Or tell us about a time when your heart and head had a tug of war going. Your perspective is most welcome!


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2 Responses to “A Different Perspective: From Patient to Parent”

  1. So glad you shared this! What an amazing perspective to have. I have a bit of a similar back/forth perspective in that my mom has bipolar, I was raised by her (even while she was unmedicated) and somehow through God’s sense of humor, I ended up adopting two daughters who have the same issue. I was the daughter of it and wished things were different… now I’m the mom of it and wonder exactly how different we can actually make things for someone with biochemical challenges! Like I said, God’s sense of humor.

  2. Jolene says:

    You’re right, Laurie. God does have a sense of humor. And thankfully, so do you!


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