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LoveThatMax Blogger Has 2 New Blogs

Do you love Ellen Seidman’s blog which chronicles life with her spaghetti loving, obsessed-with-purple son, Max? If so, you’re going to love to hear she has two new blogs.

To the Max at Parents.com

The first blog is To the Max at Parents.com. At this blog, Seidman says she blogs about “about news and views on special needs.” The initial post is about 9/11, tragedy, and how her view of Max’s special needs have changed since he was born.

1000 Perplexing Things about Parenthood at Babble.com

Seidman’s second blog, 1000 Perplexing Things about Parenthood, is housed at Babble.com. This blog takes a light hearted look at parenting both typical kids and those with special needs.

What Are Your Favorite Blogs?

Okay, you’ve heard about my faves. Now I’d like to hear about yours. What are your favorite parenting blogs? Why do you like them? Because they’re funny? Rich in resources? Hard-hitting? Have good give aways? Faith based? Let us know in the comment box.

Can’t wait to visit your fave blogs,

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