How important is touch to a child with special needs? Several parents answered that question after reading a devotion from "A Different Dream for My Child."

In one of the meditations in A Different Dream for My Child, I shared the story of how my husband sat in the neonatal intensive care unit and stroked our son’s cheek for hours and days following his first surgery.

Comfort in the Midst of Chaos

In a recent Comfort in the Midst of Chaos post, Barb Dittrich blogged about how she used the meditation to facilitate discussion with moms of kids on the autism spectrum. Dittrich related the moms’ insights about the question: How important is touch to a child with special needs? To read their insights, buzz over to the post titled The Comfort of a Mother.

How Important Is Touch to a Child with Special Needs You Know?

If you’d like to share a story about how touch comforts your child, please leave a comment. Your experience may help other families give and find comfort for their children.

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